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Rewilding was born from the incredible feeling we feel from facing our fears & stepping out of our so called 'comfort zone', in a fun & safe environment. We want to awaken that wild, playful, messy version of you - because that, my dear friend, IS your best self.


From Ali (our founder):

When I was in my mid-20's, thinking I was invincible, secretly being very insecure, while of course giving off the impression I had it all together... I really felt a lack in my life. That lack, was emotional connection through vulnerability & honesty. 

For the next few years, I then went on a wild ride looking into self-development work, while learning surfing, yoga & breathwork. All things that helped me beyond compare, with issues such as self-worth, compassion, boundaries, love and so on! That combination allowed me to tune into my emotional self, and to connect with those around me, truly, and probably for the first time. 

So that is why we use this same combination of Surfing, Breathwork, Yoga and other group work, to support one another to feel like they can be that unfiltered, messy version of themselves - in a deeply supportive & fun way.

The 'Rewilding' aspect, is all about reconnecting with our playful side - our instincts, intuition, nature & each other. We awaken and nurture those parts of us that are so often suppressed & forgotten about, and yet two things that often bring us the most joy and connection. 


The result of all this? An unforgettable week with new friends to last a lifetime! We surf, laugh, eat, cry, sweat and laugh some more - Then we leave with a new zest for life - yes all of us! 

Our retreats run primarily from Newquay, Cornwall. We are very fortunate to call this incredible place home and can't wait to share it with all of you! 



Yoga is a beautiful way to get in tune with both your body and your emotions.


We have specially tailored yoga sessions designed for just that. They help to feel more alive, more playful, and more you.



Surfing can give us such an incredible feeling, but it can also teach us so much about ourselves & each other if we pay attention. Our retreats will focus on improving both your surfing technique and the way you see & feel about yourself.



Breathwork has so many incredible benefits; to the physical body, mind & soul. It gives you the opportunity to let go of what is holding you back, and to reconnect to your emotional self.

To learn more about breathwork and what we offer,

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If you want to get more a feel of what we're about, check out our gallery, or our instagram & facebook below!  : )

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