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Date: 08/06/2023

Time: 19:00 to 21:00

Location: SOMA HOME - 231 Stoke Newington Church Street, London, N16 9HP

Cost: £30pp

Chakra Breathwork is all about connecting with the flow of energy within our body. We are so often living in a low state of energy, with a shallow breath and disconnected chakras. Through the breath we can shift out of this state into presence and more aliveness.

How does it work?

This breathwork session uses a technique called ‘Conscious Connected Breathwork’. Alex & Ali will gently guide you through the whole process from start to finish. They will explain the whats, why's and how's at the beginning, and show you how to do this breathwork technique. You will then be guided through all 7 Chakras, while listening to music specifically designed to access and unlock these areas, in a safe, supported and loving atmosphere.

Is Chakra Breathwork for me? 

Put simply, yes. We all have some areas in the body that are blocked energetically from previously unprocessed emotional experiences. So, as we move through the body during the session, we are able to locate those places and create an opportunity for that energy to move. Once we experience this integration we feel more alive, connected and ourselves. We combine this focus with a gentle yet powerful breathwork practice called conscious connected breathwork. 

We have 7 chakras through our body that all represent different aspects of ourselves, our emotional state, and our past. For more information on each chakra and their correlation to our body & emotions see below. 


Reference - chakra image


REMINDER: This workshop will bring up emotions. At times it may challenge you and bring you out of your comfort zone. This is natural. When you are held in a safe and loving space without judgement, your body feels safer to feel any challenging emotions in order to integrate. Know that you will be held and supported with love & compassion throughout your journey.



“Attending Rewilding Breathwork has been truly transformational. I was a little apprehensive at first, following a long break from Breathwork, yet from the moment I arrived, Ali helped me feel completely at ease. Ali has such a wonderful presence, which helps you feel incredibly safe, seen & held. The way he holds the space, and offers gentle guidance, leaves me feeling so supported. I love that he always encourages us to listen deeply to our needs and to follow our desires whatever they may be and I find his approach so gentle, yet so incredibly powerful. The whole process is helping me to shift things I’ve been carrying with me my entire life and I cannot thank and recommend Ali enough!” - Megg

“Alex is an excellent and sensitive therapist. I’ve had several years of talk therapy previously and was in a pretty reasonable place when I started working with Alex but our sessions hit the emotional parts deep below what talk therapy had been able to reach for me. During our 7 months of working together Alex compassionately helped me to listen to and become more attuned to my body. I’m now increasingly able to understand what it is holding or revealing to me in a way that allowed me to notice patterns that had previously worked for me but were no longer serving me. I was also able to begin to address some generational family patterns that had always been there but I’d not had the courage to properly confront. Much of this is due to Alex’s patience and the safe, calm , trusting space she created during our somatic sessions.” - Iesha

"My first breathwork therapy session with Ali was an incredible experience. He has an impressive amount of knowledge and a clear passion for what he does. Ali made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, and guided me through the entire process. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone and I can’t wait for my next session. Thanks so much Ali "– Eve

⭐ "Ali was welcoming and he put me at ease straight away. The set up was lovely and relaxing, loved the big snuggly blankets. Ali explained everything really well and was great at holding a calm, safe space for me to process and release what I needed. He is super knowledgeable and was happy to answer any questions, he really helped to guide me through the process. Looking forward to doing more and joining Rewilding for a surf retreat next too! - Suzanne

I was introduced to Alexandra by a family member. I felt broken mentally, my body hurt, I needed healing,  I never heard of breath therapy but decided to give it a go!  Working with Alex was amazing. After each session I felt like the layers of life’ onion started stripping away, bringing me to a place of peace and calm. Alex taught me how to breathe my way through situations which has helped me with the recent loss of my father. I would highly recommend her services! - Pam

An inclusive and welcoming experience where I have felt comfortable in the space led by Ali. These breathwork sessions are for anyone who wants a guided mindful journey with accompanying music that allows for calm yet energising environment. I would recommend everyone try this at least once, but let me assure you’ll want to continue joining the space. Looking forward to joining some more. Thanks Ali! - Cash






June 8th 7pm - 9pm

Please ensure you arrive at 6:30pm to allow yourself time to get ready and settle. Arriving late interrupts the process and you will miss an important part of the journey. 
We will start at 7pm. The workshop will last 2 hours, ending at 9pm. 




231 Stoke Newington Church Street, London, N16 9HP

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🌙 Comfortable layered clothes 
🌙 A bottle of water 
🌙 A notebook to journal your insights 
🌙 A blanket 
🌙 An eye mask or scarf to cover your eyes (optional) 

*Yoga mats will be provided. 

If you have any questions please drop us an email at

If you’re feeling nervous, or not knowing what to expect, it’s very natural to feel that way. Growth happens outside of our comfort zone, and we are all about supporting each other and facing our fears together. 



Ali and Alex are experienced Rebirthing Breathwork and Integrative Therapy specialists, trained and insured through the AIR School of Breathwork. With extensive experience working with their own inner child, clients, and groups. They create a safe and nurturing space to help transform stuck energy. Through their guidance, you'll have the opportunity to engage in embodied exploration, voice dialogue, visualisation, and other powerful techniques, all while staying grounded in a gentle breath. 

Alex & Ali have been doing breathwork together for 2 years and are close friends, with a foundation of honesty, vulnerability and playfulness in their friendship. We love bringing that energy into the work we do and find it to be very honest, real and fun!

Their principles are you are not broken, you don't need fixing, you are simply returning to your natural, emotional, WILD state. 



When I was in my mid-20’s, thinking I was invincible, while secretly being very insecure (but of course giving off the impression I had it all together...) I started to feel a big sense of lack in my life. That lack, was an emotional connection. 

I then went on a wild ride learning all I can about emotional & personal development, with particular focus on breathwork, therapy, emotional blocks and family dynamics. All this and more (such as surfing, yoga, climbing, and especially vulnerable conversations), helped me work through my feelings around of self-worth, comparison, boundaries, and love. It allowed me to tune into my emotional self, and to connect with those around me - truly, and probably for the first time. 

I am very proud to say I am a Breathwork Therapist, Life Purpose Life Coach, Surf Coach and founded Rewilding Surf Retreats. I absolutely love what I do, and if you have any questions please get in touch. I love to chat about all this stuff and if I can help it would be my pleasure!

Instagram @rewildingsurfretreats 



Alex works with breathwork and somatic therapy to liberate stuck energy and emotion in the body. She facilitates you towards more embodiment: being more connected to your true self and to others! With a wide range of experiences both in business, as an award-winning technology entrepreneur, and in therapeutic modalities, Alex brings a holistic approach to holding space for the multiple parts within us. Having worked through her own acute post-traumatic stress symptoms and auto-immune issues alongside her training she is strongly informed by how trauma and the nervous system function. She also loves to dance around and let that inner child play!




REFUNDS POLICY Please note, we do not arrange refunds or exchanges. We do allow self organised ticket transfer if you email with the details.

ACCESS:  We do our best to include everyone in our events, regardless of health circumstances. If you have access requirements please email the event organiser directly to discuss.

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