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Why Yoga?

Yoga is highly complimentary to surfing and breathwork. The movements included in a regular yoga practice help to prepare the body for surfing through increasing strength and flexibility. 

The focus on breathing in yoga is where the new wave of incredibly powerful breathwork is derived from. The yogic practice of breath holds also increases confidence in the water, both in surfing when the power of the wave holds you under, and in Freediving when you want to maximise time underwater. 

The benefits therefore come full circle with these three skills combined.


Rewilding Yoga Classes :

Enjoy peaceful classes designed to relax & restore you for the retreat. It is the perfect compliment to surfing, to give your body and mind the recovery it craves. 


Yoga is also a beautiful way to get in tune with both our bodies and how we feel, and create that time just for you.  


We have specially tailored sessions to suit each day, to give you exactly what you need on each day. 


How it works?

We create a space that encourages people to discover a practice that respects your individual requirements, while stimulating a sense of growth through challenge. Get curious, play, explore, and learn to deeply listen to what yearns to be nurtured within you. 

To practise yoga in Cornwall with us, check out our Retreats page.

If you have any further questions please click here to contact us.

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