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Founder & surf coach 

Surfing and connecting with others are Ali's two biggest passions. He was hooked on surfing from his very first trip and has loved sharing that incredible feeling ever since whether it be those wanting to try it for the first time or really hone in their technique out back.  


For the last 5 or so years Ali has also been learning about emotional behaviours and psychological aspects that affect us all, and has been learning various different ways to process emotions and help to guide others in their own experiences, in order to find more fulfilment in their own lives. He came across breathwork and that similar feeling once more took over him and he knew there was some

Ali is a Surf Coach, Breathwork practitioner, and Life Purpose Life Coach. 


Surf coach

Since learning to surf in Sydney, George has been totally hooked. What started as a fun way to avoid life’s responsibilities has become a meditation, art form and therapy. Surfing gives everyone the connection to nature that can be lacking in the modern world and George became a surf coach to help spread that connection.

Always found surfing twin fins and longboards, soul and style are the things that get him stoked. ‘Surfing’s the source’.


Surf coach

Pete's love of surfing runs deep! His radical surfing style can be seen gracing the waters of all his favourite Cornish spots. With a passion for travel he's surfed from the cooler waters of California, New Zealand, Europe and Morocco to the tropical waters of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Ecuador and Australia and he's excited to explore more!


With over 10 years of coaching experience Pete has shared the stoke with literally thousands of people and he can't wait to pass on his skills to you!


Yoga instructor & retreat facilitator

Imogen offers a safe space to explore play, yoga and compassionate behaviour/habit change. Encouraging all to be more YOUnicorn! Working also as a substance misuse specialist, she’s passionate about supporting caring professionals to prioritise their self care.

Her love of life and people is so incredibly infectious, that she makes everyone feel instantly at home - and she'll have you laughing the whole way through! 


Breathwork Facilitator

Alex works with breathwork and somatic therapy to liberate stuck energy and emotion in the body. She facilitates you towards more embodiment: being more connected to your true self and to others!

Having worked through her own acute post-traumatic stress symptoms and auto-immune issues alongside her training she is strongly informed by how trauma and the nervous system function. She also loves to dance around and let that inner child play!


Alex is a super playful and soulful person. Since first discovering breathwork, she has seen her life flip and transform in the most amazing ways. After shedding many the layers that had been holding her back, she is passionate about guiding others along that same journey.

KatScott_Falmouth_Bybellabunce-94 copy.jpg

Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator

I want to share breathwork with the world because it has brought me to life in ways that can’t be explained but can only be felt. Every human walking this planet deserves to know and experience this entirely, with their whole being, mind, soul, and body… and the breath is the way in.

After qualifying as a conscious connected breathwork facilitator, I have used this modality in my own life and with my own family. I have used it to create bonds where there were gaping holes before. To heal wounds where there was hopelessness before. To overcome trauma where there was fear, anger, and shame before.


The magic of this practice is that it is our very own breath that takes us to where we need to go, we need simply trust the voice of our own bodies and let go to the moment.


Yoga & sound bath

Maddie is a Yoga & Meditation teacher, musician and Sound facilitator based who has spent the past 5 years sharing her practice between Cornwall, Portugal and Bali. 

Combining her passion for music and wellness, Maddie's sound journey's will create a safe space for you to drop into deeper connection with yourself, embodying vibration and the flow state itself. 

Vibration touches every part of our physical being, we don't just hear it, but we feel it in every part of our bodies. When we are immersed in these vibrations and tones, our awareness expands and we enter a deep meditative state where blocked emotions can be released in a profound way.

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