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Newquay, Cornwall

2023 Retreats

11 - 14th May - (4 days) - £746
yoga / surf / breathwork / luxury yurts

5th - 9th July - (5 Days) - £1,275
yoga / surf / breathwork / sauna
30th August- 3rd September -

(5 Days) - £1275
yoga / surf / breathwork / sauna / live music

*All by pay-as-you-feel*
Further details below


PC : Zen Den

Pay as you feel:

Our retreats run entirely by donation (Pay as you feel). 

The suggested price provides a fair & equal payment to all staff involved in the operation, however you can choose to pay less or more.

We ensure that:

1) All the team are paid fairly for their services

JulyRETREAT2022_ByBellaBunce-205 2.JPG

Why no set price?


Love is a gift, and as cheesy as that might sound, that is how we feel about what we do. So we don't demand you to pay a set price. Instead we ask you to tune in to your intuition to pay what feels right for you. 

Our recommended price is set at a rate in which our staff are paid a fair & equal rate, so that we can operate in an ethical and loving way. 

BOOKINGS - To book or find out more check out our retreats page

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