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What I offer is a form of therapy where your body is your guide. Only you know what you truly need, so by using breathwork we help to unlock what's holding you back, and provide an opportunity for change. 


'Rebirthing breathwork'  brings into awareness unconsciously held beliefs and emotions, creating an opportunity to breakthrough from those limiting beliefs, and transform from within.

The beauty of it is things only surface that we're ready for, which creates a trust in ourself & our body. I simply support you in that process by holding a space that's safe to feel.​

What is Rebirthing Breathwork ?

Rebirthing Breathwork is It is a very gentle yet powerful approach that brings into awareness unconsciously held beliefs and emotions, which provide the opportunity to live happier & more fulfilled lives. This specific type of breathwork is said to be the most powerful with the longest lasting results, and that is indeed what I have found for myself. 

Gentleness and kindness, fun and laughter, and safety and support are at the core of this work.

How does it work ?​

It begins with you lying down, relaxing and just breathing. It uses an easy to follow breathing technique called ‘conscious connected breathing’ that is guided by a trained Breathwork facilitator.

This specific way of breathing, alongside guidance from the facilitator, exposes unconscious patterns of defences that have developed from birth, and throughout your life, that have blocked your pleasure and aliveness.

My Experience 


What I love about breathwork is how it gets you totally out of your head. We can exhaust ourselves in those never ending thought patterns and behaviours, and can't seem to get past or make sense of what is going on. Breathwork allows you to totally separate from that. It accesses the unconscious, to shine a light on what's really going on.​ It shows us how we see & feel about ourselves, and what influences us both negatively and positively. It basically is just an epic way of seeing what the hell is going on, in a very gentle and loving way.

I feel that's the most powerful lesson in all of this, is that what we need is within us , we just need to give ourself the time & space (and tools) to listen. 

1 hour (30 minute breathe) 

In person - £39    Online - £29

1.5 hour session (1 hour breathe) 

In person - £49    Online - £35


Block of 10 x 1 hour

In person - £30ph    Online - £25ph

Appointments available in studio, online, or in person (at your home) in Newquay, Cornwall and the surrounding area.

* Above are the minimum prices. Rewilding Surf Retreats operates on a 100% donation basis.

They are also discounted prices as part of completing my full breathwork practitioner qualification

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