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We offer bespoke corporate retreats for :

  • Improved communication

  • Improved productivity & workflow

  • Improved creativity

  • Safe & supportive workplaces

  • A more  fulfilling workplace environment

  • More innovative companies

We are based in Newquay, Cornwall, but can alter our retreats to run wherever needed. 


We do this by discovering your goals as an organisation on our retreats, and then creating the environment for open communication so that these areas can be freely explored. 

We use the amazing activities such as Surfing, Breathwork, Coasteering & Yoga, to help connect people through shared experience, facing fears, and having a load of fun.


This allows each individual feel safe & supported to be themselves, and to express themselves more honestly. 

In essence, we create an environment where vulnerability, honesty and creativity is supported and encouraged.


There can be a lot going on under the surface, for everyone, that often goes unnoticed and can weight heavily on peoples shoulders. 


So if you are looking to benefit your working environment, improve productivity, creativity or innovation, or to just have a good time in nature then get in touch - we'd love to arrange a bespoke trip to suit your needs. 

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Interested? Get in touch via our contact page

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