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Surf, Yoga & Breathwork retreats in Newquay, Cornwall. 

Surfing can give us such an incredible feeling, but it can also teach us so much about ourselves & each other if we pay attention. Our retreats will focus on improving both your surfing technique and the way you see & feel about yourself. To book a lesson or learn more, 

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We provide simple but beautiful accommodation. Surrounded by nature, in a quiet and remote location, with all the amenities you need to rewild yourself in comfort. 

To see the accommodation we offer, click here

Our chef's make incredibly delicious, freshly made food. Full of goodness that will nourish you physically and emotionally - Providing just what your body wants whether its after epic surf or yummy yoga class.


Yoga is a beautiful way to get in tune with both your body and your emotions.


We have specially tailored yoga sessions designed for just that. They help to feel more alive, more playful, and more you. Click here to read more from Imogen.

Breathwork has so many incredible benefits; to the physical body, mind & soul. It gives you the opportunity to let go of what is holding you back, and to reconnect to your emotional self.

To learn more about breathwork and what we offer, click here

We love to add in some amazing and fun bonuses such as live music, saunas or ice baths. So you'll be sure to have a fun and unique experience! 

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Rewild yourself, connect with nature, and enjoy!

May Rewild Retreat
@ Real Glamping Fir Hill
11 - 14th May - (4 days) - £746
All-inclusive Rewilding Retreat

July Rewild Retreat

@ Seaview Tipis

5th - 9th July - (5 Days) - £1275

All-inclusive Rewilding Retreat

September Rewild Retreat

@ Seaview Tipis

30th - 3rd September - (5 Days) - £1275

All-inclusive Rewilding Retreat



One of a kind retreat and one you won’t forget. Highly recommend and worth every penny.

Ali and his team were amazing. They created a safe space to share and held that space beautifully for everyone to truly shine. Thank you, will definitely book again


- Kylie Jonkman 

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